An analysis of gertrude athertons novel the californians

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Before leaving his shelter he looked out warily; but the neighboring houses were black, and behind the windows of the Dupont library was a row of tall eucalyptus-trees planted as a windbreak.

The cigar fell from his relaxed hand and he sagged as far back in the chair as its uncompromising back would permit. Style and themes[ edit ] Atherton was an early feminist well acquainted with the plight of women.

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Gertrude Atherton

A brooch was found on the grass. For more than half a century, the master historian recorded his experiences and opinions in journals that together form an intimate chronicle of life at the highest levels of American politics and culture in postwar America.

Life was difficult, because of the constricting role of womanhood, Atherton found herself in. Why, the murderer has been hanged. The literary cultures in his brain had suddenly become personal and imperative.

Dupont's it was almost with the frankness of man to man.THE CALIFORNIANS by GERTRUDE ATHERTON John Lane: The Bodley HeadLondon and New York Third EditionUniversity Press, Cambridge, U. S. A. TO N. L. BOOK I I "I won't study another word to-day!" Helena tipped the table, spillingthe books to the floor.

"I want to go out in the sun. Go home, MissPhelps, that's a dear. Mrs. Atherton is at her best in the clear-cut vivid stories of the Pacific Coast, whether she pictures "The Splendid Idle Forties" or, as here, the San Francisco of later days when the old ideas of Span were blending with those the "gringo" brought to form an entirely new type of aristocrat.

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An analysis of gertrude athertons novel the californians
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